A thorough investigation and deep dive on the differences and common misconceptions between the two

What exactly is the "Dark Web" or "Dark Net"?

In short, the dark web / dark net is just a small majority of the deep web. As shown in the image, the surface web is what we typically refer to as the "clearnet" or "clear net". This is the normal world wide web that immediately comes to mind when we think about browsing, googling, etc. Everything needed for school, research, etc can primarily be found on the clearnet. However, the "deep web" is anything that exists on the internet that we can not access from a simple google search. As shown in the image, this includes, but is not limited to, bank account information, medical records, databases, etc.

The dark web is infamously a safe haven for those with questionable morals. The dark web can only be accessed through special browsers (like Tor, the most popular) that can utilize .onion links. Most things shown on the deep web clearly have no correlation to the dark web, but they are still similar since both of these can’t be found from a simple google search. The majority of the internet’s information is the deep web. We just don’t have access to it, of course. I do see people confuse the deep web and the dark web often and I hope that this helps separate the misconceptions.

Is it safe to browse the dark web? The legality of the dark web

This question is clearly up for debate because of all of the rumors and legal actions that have taken place following the past few years. Be sure to check out darknetlive.com ‘s breakdown of all of the arrests associated with the dark web https://darknetlive.com/arrested-darknet-vendors/ In the United States of America, there is currently no law that states that it is illegal to browse onion links via the Tor browser. With that being said, obviously doing illegal actions is still technically illegal. Just because it may be a bit easier to hide and it may take you longer to get caught, if you do, the price you might have to pay could be your life. Is this something that you are willing to sacrifice? If not, don’t do illegal sh*t! 😉

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