A quick, short guide on how to easily install Tor Browser on OS X

Step One:

Visit the Tor Project’s download page and click “Download for OS X”

The Tor Project’s Download Page

On Google Chrome and some other web browsers, you may receive a warning that mentions that this file may potentially be harmful. This is a standard browser protection measure to prevent ignorant users from downloading random .exe files from the web. A non-trusted .exe file can be loads of trouble. However, Tor is a well-known web browser and you will not have to worry about this. Please click “Keep” and continue to download this file anyways.

Harmful .exe warning from Google Chrome browser

Step Two:

Double click and open the .exe file that has just been downloaded from the Tor Project’s website. Select your preferred language for the install and select your preferred download location. After that, hit install and let the installer work its magic.

Step Three:

We are all complete! Click “Finish” and the Tor Browser should begin to startup! Upon launch, the Tor browser may not automatically connect to the Tor Network. Please see the below image and click “Connect” to get started browsing on your new darknet journey!

The Tor Browser FAQs:

Q: Should I use a VPN with the Tor Browser?
A: According to the Tor Project’s support page, A VPN is not recommended with the Tor Browser

Q: Does Tor have a backdoor?
A: According to the Tor Project’s support page, the Tor Browser has absolutely no backdoor

Q: Is it completely safe to use Tor and browse the Dark Web?
A: The term “safe” is debatable. If you are concerned about online anonymity, you can never be truly anonymous… But we can follow the correct measures and procedures to limit our traceability. Please visit Tor’s support page to find more information on anonymity with the Tor Browser.

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