Dread, for those of you who don’t know, is an extremely popular dark web forum site modeled after the design of popular clear net forum site Reddit. It was founded by HugBunter after so many subreddits were banned in 2018.

Dread captchas are utilized as the site’s primary protection against DDOS attacks. Due to the lack of javascript on most of the dark web, DDOS protection techniques had to get creative. Below is an image of one of the older styles of Dread captchas:

A Dread captcha image included from one of DarkNetLive’s articles

Across forums, we come across many who struggle to solve Dread captchas and it makes you wonder, are they all just robots? Oddly enough, the Dread captcha can surprise even the smartest. The instructions are very simple, but the images have gotten more and more complex over time (see primary article image). This makes me wonder if this will open the possibility for some people to begin using Empire Market and/or Dread less, and allow some new markets and forum sites to get more popular.

If you think that you can prove you’re not a robot, put your brain to the test and try out a captcha yourself.

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